Roku Sidecar

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Set up a watchlist! Head on over to Google and create a new Sheet with four columns:

  1. Show should be the full, official name so Roku finds it easily.
  2. Channel is optional but helps identify shows better.
  3. Tag is any optional string that groups shows; used for filtering the list.
  4. Notes is just to help you remember what is what.

In Google; choose File / Share / Publish to Web as "Tab-separated values (.tsv)", then paste the URL into the box below. If you let your family or roommates edit the sheet, you can all share a common watchlist.

You can see an example sheet here, published as this TSV file. Actually, you can point at any publicly-available TSV file; Google just makes it easy.

Watchlist URL:

Get started with Sidecar!

  1. On your Roku, choose Settings / Network / About
  2. Copy the displayed IP Address here: http://
  3. Click

The fine print: Sidecar uses Roku's External Control Protocol to control your TV. Sidecar does not send any data to my servers; your browser talks directly to your Roku (they must be on the same network). My blog at breaks it all down in way more detail; hope to see you there!